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Customer Cases

The success story of financial digital transformation, Together, we keep exploring and moving forward.

A finance holding company

Considering historical evolution and shareholder resources, most of the finance holding companies (FHCs) in China are subsidiary to industrial groups. So these companies need to consider industrial development needs in license layout and business coordination, which is significantly different from the business model of foreign mainstream FHCs that focus more on professional comprehensive financial services to realize integration and coordination. In the future, as domestic FHCs steadily promote their business according to their own industry characteristics and development orientation, this difference will be more distinct, and resource attributes, target customer attributes and regional attributes will become the key to determine the company's positioning.

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Project Value<p> The FHCs themselves need to have a perfect strategy to realize digital transformation, and t

The FHCs themselves need to have a perfect strategy to realize digital transformation, and then clarify companies’ own positioning, improve the system process from top down, build a management system from outside in, focus on the scenes, and ensure the data support. At the same time, the alignment of digital thinking with culture and scientific and technological capabilities is equally important. Only under the above premises can digitalization help realize the smart operation and generate the value of management and business.

Customer Story

    The large FHC is one of the earliest customers of OneConnect that provides digital management services. The company boasts huge total asset scale and customer base as well as diverse businesses. In the new stage of enterprise transformation and innovation, the disadvantages of traditional management methods have been exposed: lack of digital management support, inability to realize closed-loop business operation, and ineffective business risk prediction.


    As an expert in the digital transformation of the financial industry, OneConnect believes that digitalization will become the most powerful tool for FHCs to improve their internal coordination and do a good job in risk prevention and control.

    With the rich experience in in-depth consulting services and empowering practices, OneConnect summed up the biggest pain points in the transformation of FHCs: lack of clear management and control positioning and supporting management organizations, lack of experience in overall structure, and no foundation of digital business chain and data governance, making the transformation difficult to reach. OneConnect has tailored an integrated consulting plan covering management, rules, process, system and information from top-level design. Specifically, the plan starts with operation improvement and risk control, and completely integrates the system into the customers' businesses, improving the management of the operation process, and helping customers establish comprehensive risk management indicator and time system, and early warning and disposal system.

    After the long-term cooperation and accumulation, OneConnect has helped the group to design more than 200 management indicators and lay down over 40 management themes which cover all aspects of enterprise management, realizing the perfect execution of its business strategies.

    Till now, the digital business service of OneConnect has been implemented in more than 10 FHCs nationwide.

    The smart work solution provided by OneConnect to many companies have won the praise, including a full set of smart work solution designed for an FHC. OneConnect found that the group and its subsidiaries are separated from each other on the office platform, and the base platforms built by different manufacturers cannot be connected, which greatly affect the work efficiency. Considering the group's overall planning, OneConnect developed its office platform from a split construction to a group-integrated smart work platform, realizing the intelligence of the group's office hardware management.

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